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Why Dating May Not Be for You

If you’ve been let down by your dating life, you are not alone. Most women have been in your situation and have wanted to give up. But here’s what you may not realize. Most people who are dating have different expectations. For instance, let’s say you want a monogamous relationship and the guy you’re dating, wants a casual relationship. Both of you are expecting a different outcome. If you continue dating this guy knowing he doesn’t want the kind of relationship you want, you will once again be disappointed and frustrated.

Dating to find a mate will most likely let you down because nowadays, dating is about having casual sex, hanging out and hooking up, or companionship. Many people who date are not looking for a long-term partner. If you’re sick and tired of meeting guys who try to rush you into having sex instead of getting to know the real you, it’s time to stop dating.

The Approach to a Committed Relationship

There is a better approach — one that will attract more men who want the same kind of relationship as you do. It’s letting yourself be wooed. Despite how things have greatly evolved in the dating world, wooing has remained constant. Wooing has a universal meaning where both individuals are together with the intention of a committed relationship or marriage.

Wooing is courtship. It tends to bring out the best in you and the man who is courting you. Here are five ways you can bring out a man’s desire to woo you.

1. Hold off on getting naked. Don’t let a man rush or pressure you into having sex. You decide when it’s comfortable and right for you to be physically intimate.

2. Build emotional intimacy before getting naked. You will have a more meaningful connection because he will be more vested in who you are.

3. Be your best self by working through residual baggage from past dating and relationship experiences. This will let your inner beauty shine. While your physical appearance catches a man’s eyes, your inner beauty captivates his heart.

4. Be a woman by connecting with your feminine essence. This means responding more and initiating less, receiving graciously, being vulnerable, and letting things flow with ease

5. Appreciation and respect are what a man wants from a woman. When you appreciate and respect him, he feels good about him and you. In turn, he values you and wants you more in his life.

Ultimately, a man who will court you wants to feel like the man in your relationship. If you want to be wooed instead of date, it’s in your best interest to let go of trying to control things by relaxing and letting things happen naturally. When you approach wooing in this manner, you are more present and able to create the love life you truly desire. What will you start doing to let yourself be wooed?