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Top 9 Things All Men Secretly Want from Women

If you are ready to let a man cherish, appreciate, and respect you, learn nine delicious ways to bring out a man’s desire to woo you while staying true to yourself.

One of the most important is the supportiveness. Men prefer women who have a great personality, have confidence, compassion, and support them in their endeavors. However, this does not mean that most men expect the woman they like to support them blindly. A desirable woman has the ability to lift up a man’s spirit when he feels down and criticize his actions if she feels that it could help him be a better person.

Top Things All Men Secretly Want from Women

What do men want?

Obviously, being too much of a critic or being extremely nagging is highly undesirable. Men take into account numerous character traits to determine whether a woman is supportive enough or not. Taking a deeper look into some of them could help you figure things out better.

1- Loyalty

One of the biggest things men look for in a woman is loyalty. An attractive (not just physically attractive) woman will stay by her partner through thick and thin, no matter how hard life gets. Mutual respect and trust are the cornerstones of any good relationship, and this is something that all men look for. This extends beyond monogamy, which is a given. Men look for women who will support them in both small everyday events and major occurrences.

2- Inspiration

Men look for women who inspire them in almost every aspect of life. Obviously, physical attraction is very important initially. But to be truly attractive to men, you should be able to lift him up not only through your words but also by your actions. The way in which different men are inspired is different, and it is up to you to figure out what works best for the man you are interested in.

3- Down to Earth

There are often times in life when people can become extremely proud of something they have done, and this goes to their head. An ideal woman will be able to make sure that her man is as grounded as possible, and is not carried away by pride. You should be able to make the man in your life a better human being, and not let him rest on his past laurels. Being grounded, could go a long way in achieving lasting success.

4- Challenging

To be the woman whom men adore, you should have the ability to constantly challenge your partner and encourage him to develop and be a better person. Couples tend to get bored with each other after a long time of being together, and as a result, stop working on their mutual improvement. If you want the best for your man, you should not be afraid to say it to him. However, the catch is that you should do it in such a way that it does not seem like you are nagging. Moreover, you should also show the willingness to change and adapt, and not leave it all up to the man.

5- Love and Care

One of the most important things that men look for in a woman is love and affection. Nothing is better than the gentleness of a woman’s touch after a long and arduous day. Love, however, is not a one-way street, and you should make sure that you work to keep balance in your relationship.

6- Personal Space

It is one of the men’s basic instincts to demand some time away from their partners. They just want to head to their ‘man cave’ and spend some time on their own. Unfortunately, females generally do not take kindly to this, which leads to all sorts of problems. You have to understand that your man needs personal space. If he does not get it, he might develop feelings of bitterness towards you. It is vital to give your partner his space as everyone commands individuality.

In Hansen’s words:

[alert-success]“The idiosyncrasies we once fell in love with can frustrate us. But it’s important to let your partner be themselves.”[/alert-success]

The overly attached girlfriend phenomenon is a huge turnoff. It does not matter how much you love him and how much he likes spending time with you, he would still want to have his nights out and parties where he would not want you there.

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