Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Women 2019, The First Is Just Amazing !


You might be asking yourself; what are the best dog breeds for women? On the other hand, you could be here looking for one. You have just stepped into the right destination. To be a dog owner, it comes with the best feeling and rewarding things in the world. However, not all breeds are perfect for every person. Different dogs have a different personality and therefore, they will suit the dog owner who has a similar personality. You will find some specific breeds, which are more appropriate for caring the women personality compared to that of a man.

Dog Breeds for Women 2019

That said, you should adopt or own a dog that suits your lifestyle needs. Therefore, all women with active personalities will need a dog that is active as well. Additionally, you should consider your environment. You will also be required to offer your pet enough space to play and run. If you live in a small apartment, then narrow your search to the breeds that are comfortable to live in a small apartment. When you are going out for one, all you need is to consider the below list of the top 10 best dog breeds for women. You will never go wrong.

10 Boxer

Boxer Dog for Woman

Boxers are certainly known for their mischievous behaviors. They have been discussed to be one of the best breeds for women. This is because they love protecting their female partners. They can be skittish with other family members if not well socialized. Typically, boxers are rambunctious and bouncy. A perfect companion for women.


9 Dachshund


dachshund for women
Photo by Carissa Weiser on Unsplash

When it comes to this breed, they are lively, curious, brave and charming. Just like the terrier, he demands to be at the center of any attention. Many women love it because of the sense of humor. On the other hand, he is very playful and loyal. Additionally, he is much attached to his family and believes he must sleep under the bed-covers. They are harmonious with other pets you could be having. Just have him and you will also love it.

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