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The Importance of Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships

[dropcap] D [/dropcap] id you know that being in a toxic relationship can kill you?

Well, hopefully not literally, but it can kill your spirit.

Relationships are powerful. Humans are social beings, and even the most introverted among us need meaningful interactions to flourish. Left unaddressed, a toxic relationship has the potential to take a serious toll on the person you are as a whole.

When thinking about these relationships, many people instantly think about romantic connections, even though toxic relationships can reach far and wide.

They can come in the form of that job that makes you cry on Sunday night just thinking of having to get up and go on Monday morning. Or manifest in friendships that should have been over years ago, but you guys were cool in grade school, so you suck it up and roll with it.

Unfortunately, toxic relationships even rear their ugly heads in family ties (church families included). And yes, also that guy and girl who know they’re no good for each other, but for whatever reason, they just can’t seem to let it go.

I stayed in a toxic relationship for years. Mine was with my job.

What causes people to stay in these unfulfilling situations?

It could be a lack of confidence. Some may even stay out of comfort. It seems pretty silly to think that a toxic relationship can provide any semblance of stability, but as the saying goes, sometimes the monster you know is better than the one that you don’t.

Moreover, some people don’t even realize they’re involved in a toxic relationship.

So, why is it so important to say goodbye? There are several reasons, but it all boils down to toxic relationships being bad for your health.

Toxic Relationships Can Hinder your Self-esteem and Diminish Confidence

Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters. John Mark Green


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Being in unhealthy situations damages your confidence. With internal factors possibly already nipping away at your self-esteem, it is imperative to not allow outside interference from other sources. Relationships should be additive to your life.


Once your confidence is shaken, even ordinary tasks can seem difficult to take on. I knew that I hadn’t landed my dream job. I wasn’t even somewhere that I desired to stay long-term. But due to the amount of time and energy I spent hating my job, it really didn’t leave much time for me to pursue my real passions.

Until I decided that I had enough, I felt stuck in an extremely disappointing cycle.

Toxic Relationships Add Extra Stress to Your Life

Dealing with unhealthy relationships is stressful, and really, who has time for that?

Stress has been proven to take years off of a person’s life. With so much going on in the world today, why add more confusion to the mix? If you’re in a toxic relationship with someone you believe you can’t avoid (i.e. a parent) seek counseling or limit your interactions. Anyone who compromises your mental well-being is dangerous.

You wouldn’t spend your day in a room with live explosives, would you? Well, toxic relationships are sort of the same thing.

Toxic Relationships can Detour You from Your Destiny

When you aren’t operating at your full capacity, it is impossible for you to reach the place you’re destined to be.

It’s like putting five dollars in an empty gas tank and embarking on a ten-hour road trip-you just won’t get there. In order to thrive and be the best you, you must eliminate unhealthy, unrewarding, and unfulfilling connections.

Letting go of staples in your life can be difficult, even when you know they’re no good for you.

However, it would be more difficult to not live up to your full potential and continuously have to question what could have been…if you only let go of the things that were weighing you down.