Mount Huashan- One Of The Most Dangerous, Terrifying Hikes In The World

Mountain is peaceful, it’s the only place I can turn off the problems I face and focus on just being me. It clears my head, and allows me to refocus and start a new.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” —Edmund Hillary

Mountains are so special; they have such magic to them. Maybe it is the fact they are can be so dangerous or maybe it is because they make us feel so small. Even if you don’t even climb them they call to feel that connection with all of it. All the life you see;you are related to it. All of it, from the trees and grass and flowers to the birds and ants and wombats.All that I can tell you is that after spending time surrounded by them or climbing them you will feel the urge to come back.

Mount Huashan Is A Tourist Attraction,But it is also One Of The Most Dangerous, Terrifying Hikes In The World

Mount Hua has attracted thrill seekers and travel enthusiasts alike for hundreds of years.Situated in Huayin City,in the heart of the Shaanxi province, it’s known for it’s natural vista of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags and a high mountain range.
It is considered to have one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world.

The Mountain is also famous for several influential Taoist temples, where many emperors of past dynasties took part in Taoist activities and sacrificed to the god of mountain, making it a holy land of Taoism.And it is widely believed that the footbridge was built on Mount Hua when a Yuan Dynasty monk traveled there in hopes of finding a secluded place to meditate.
Each year Hua claims around 100 lives. Please SHARE with friend who you think is brave enough to traverse the dangerous Changkong Zhandao of Mount Hua.
so,you said that you are not ready this year to visit it?

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