How the Law of Attraction Works Exactly

My favorite definition of The Law of Attraction  is ‘like energy attracts like energy’. Plain and simple. However, what this also requires is an understanding that everything you see and don’t see is made up of energy.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”Albert Einstein

How the Law of Attraction Works

EVERYTHING! This includes rocks, trees, air, mountains, sofas, cars, people, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Cultures, events and places have their own energy, too. If you think about it, you’ll know that you’ve witnessed this in your past experi- ences.

Since everything is energy, what this means is things of like energy will move towards each other. Good or bad.
Here are some familiar statements that also represent the Law of Attraction.

•Birds of a feather flock together
•Two peas in a pod
•Like attracts like
•Where focus goes energy flows
•Your life is the sum of your dominant thoughts.

Law of Attraction is at work 100% of the time whether or not you know about it or believe in it. Your life is a reflection of what you’ve attracted into it by past thoughts, feelings and beliefs. If your life is great  keep having the same thoughts, feelings and beliefs! That should be easy because we have an estimated 60,000 thoughts a day and repeat 90%+ of them day after day.

How to practice law of attraction

If you want to improve areas of your life, you need to shift what you think, feel and believe (and speak). Sometimes all it takes is a slight shift to achieve the results you want. Sometimes it requires a much larger shift. The great news is that you’re totally capable of this shift if you want to make it.

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Is law of attraction true

Another thing to know about Law of Attraction is that it isn’t some woo-woo or New Age concept. It is really no more mysterious than Cause and Effect. You think a certain thought or have a certain emotion which causes you to act in a particular way. The mystery, or the difficult part, is getting to understand that there are many things that affect our thoughts and feelings.

Many of these thoughts, feelings and beliefs are subconscious that we are not aware of yet and they affect every part of our life, every day. Because of this, the line between cause and effect is not that clear or easy to uncover. This is why it’s easy for people to debunk the power of the Law of Attraction because there seems to be no clear, repeatable (therefore scientific) ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The power of law of attraction

In order to make the law of attraction work, every person needs to be thankful of his or her present state. No matter what your current condition is, be thankful for it.

Key to law of attraction

You should never resent your life condition despite the state of trouble you are presently in. You can find individuals who are far less blessed than you are and these people are not feeling resentful. If you want the universe to address your wants and needs, you must demonstrate gratefulness. It is already a privilege to be born in this world. Living in this world is a privilege and you need to keep on blessing your life and display a lot of appreciation.

Law of attraction gratitude

At all times, accept with gratitude your current condition. Every time you go into profound meditation, which should be done daily, give thanks to the universe for it. The simple truth is the universe was the one that created your present situation in the first place on the basis of your past thoughts, and resenting that is somehow revealing to the universe you are not appreciative of it. When you wake up each morning and every night before your go to sleep, bless your situation.

Law of attraction meditation

Feeling grateful with your current situation is similar to starting over on a clean plate. Just like in an awful marriage, you initiate a beginning by accepting and forgiving all those that you had done in the past and forgiving each of them, and making a promise to never remember what took place before and begin something brand new. Truly, this works in the same manner. Put aside the past, be thankful for your present situation and do something to change for the better. Choosing to be grateful takes less energy than choosing to feel otherwise.

The secret power of attraction

As soon as you get to grips with your current condition and every time you do meditation, you are bringing your self to a greater dimension or plane. Every time you feel grateful and reveal so to the universe, you are on the road to transforming into a fourth dimensional individual. The moment this takes place, you can elegantly and quickly attract anything you desire. The quicker the universe understands your desire to change, the quicker your wishes will come about.

The Secret and the Law of Attraction

We are going to discuss the secret and the law of attraction. It doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality and religion. Yes, it has nothing to do with your relationship with God.

I would like to let you get inside a little secret: At this point, in this very current now moment, you possess, inside you, the ability and power to create your life in any way you want.

  • For those who know this, are you creating anything you want into your life?
  • For those who don’t know this, are you interested to learn how to create anything you want into your life?

Practicing the law of attraction

You know, here’s the little secret on the secret. No one is hiding the secret from you. It’s you your self who is keeping it from yourself. You know the secret already. Everyone knows about it. The secret is integrated with our DNA. The secret with regards to the secret is located in our consciousness. Each one of us lives at various levels of consciousness at all times.

The secret affirmations

Truly, the secret to creating a life of health, harmony, and abundance is already inside you at a specific level of consciousness. And if you really want to unearth this secret and utilize it to create the life of your dreams all you need to do is proceed to that consciousness level on which the secret inhabits and bring it into your present consciousness level.

Actually, it is simple if you know the place to go inside your consciousness, but if you happen to not know where to go then this pursuit starts to look like a jigsaw puzzle and it gets to be much tougher. And thus here’s the question you must ask yourself: Is finding the secret within worth the effort?”

The law of atraction

Are you going through complete financial success at present? Are you in an optimum physical health at present? Do you have harmony in all of your relationships at present?

I can tell you that based on my personal experience such information is highly valuable. My past experience has revealed to me that all of this is never impossible once you comprehend and know the secret that is always within you.

Law of attraction hicks

The only thing that you need to do is to bring forth the secret to your present consciousness and utilize it. Doing so is effortless and easy if you know where to go and look and comprehend the easy process involved in applying it into your day to day living.

Once you have discovered the secret, your life will never be the same. Never again will you settle for anything less than the best because as soon as you figure out the secret you will also realize that you truly can be, do and achieve or possess anything you desire.



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