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Course on self-driving car development

The University of Toronto, in conjunction with Coursera, is launching a course in unmanned vehicles. It is designed for students with engineering backgrounds who have never dealt with robotic cars.

One of the authors of the course, Professor Steven Vaslander, explained in an interview with Digital Trends that there is clearly a lack of “beginner’s material” in this area. Students in the course will learn how to make maps of the area for self-driving cars, organize a system of cameras and sensors, and then write software that will transmit signals to the car.

Coursera says that at the end of the four stages of the course, the students will be able to drive the virtual machine on the same virtual track.

Steven Vaslander points out that self-driving car development is now mainly done by private companies such as Ford, Toyota, Waymo, or Lyft. And they all keep their secrets so carefully that even the owner of good technical knowledge can’t easily understand what they will need in this field.

The professor hopes to bring the era of self-driving cars closer to the spread of which there are a number of serious obstacles. A resident of a country with a cold climate, Canadian Vaslander attributes two of them: the turns, where in a short time you have to deal with thousands of scenarios and drive in difficult weather conditions.