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9 Things You Do That Your Dog Actually Hates

A dog is known as a man’s best friend, but just like friends, you can do things that will upset them. Many pet owners wonder is there a dog training secret that would teach them how to please their dog. You have to be aware of what can make your dog hates you. Here are 9 things you do that your dog hates :

1 Hugging them to Tight

9 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Image by Agota Szilvasi from Pixabay

Hugging is a friendly gesture when it comes to interacting with humans, but with dogs that is another story. When you see cute dogs, you probably want to hug them tightly. The best way to show affection to a dog is to rub their belly. Dogs are not aware that you are trying to show them love by hugging them.

2 Interrupting their sleep

9 Things You Do That Your Dog Actually Hates

Image by Hanai Byrne from Pixabay

Dogs look cute when they are sleeping. No matter how adorable a dog looks while they are sleeping, they should be left alone. Waking your dog up abruptly may scare them, and will probably cause a dog bite. Your dog can also become frustrated. The best solution is to let your dog sleep peacefully until your dog wakes up. Interrupting your pets sleep is equivalent to someone waking you up while you are dreaming.

3 Raising your Voice

Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

No one likes to get yelled at. Disciplining your dog is imperative when they are doing something wrong, but yelling at them will cause them to hate you. Dogs take yelling as a signal to fight, and you may get a dog bite. Dog trainers will tell you that yelling at your pet is the wrong way to teach them right from wrong. Speaking in a calm but stern voice will not aggravate your dog.

4 Stop Staring at Them

11 things humans do that dogs hate

Image parBev de Pixabay

Staring at your dog can signal them to become aggressive. If you have your own dog, you can change the situation. Staring at a stray dog is a problem. They may feel threatened, and you could get a nasty dog bite.

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