8 Amazing Juicing Recipes for Kids

Kids are not a huge fan of green leafy vegetables and fruits. They prefer pizzas, burgers, ice creams or fries over healthy food. As parents, you must have definitely tried 100 ways and tricks to get your children to eat spinach, broccoli or celery but to no avail. As growing children, it’s very important that they get their share of vitamins, minerals and iron very early on in life.

One great way that seems to have worked with a lot of parents is by juicing the fruits and veggies together. Camouflaged under a few basic ingredients, your kids will not know what hit them. In fact, they will find it really delicious. The best part about juice is that they can be consumed any time and is also quite filling.

Let’s take a look at a few juicing recipes for kids.

#1-The Green Monster Juice

Juicing Recipes for Kids


One thing that is definitely going to get the attention of your kids is its lush green color. Since fruits are its main ingredient, it has a wonderful sweet taste that your kids will instantly take a liking to. Packed with loads of fiber, calcium, Vitamins C and K, this green juicy monster is a great alternative to burgers and fries.

To make this green wonder, you’ll need a handful of spinach, kale, Swiss chard or a combination of all three, one pear, one cup filled with strawberries, half an unpeeled lemon, and one apple cut into big chunks. First, juice the green veggies, followed by the remaining ingredients. Serve in a tall, transparent glass, and see your kid gulp it.

#2-The ABC Juice

That’s right! Just like the alphabets, this is a great way to start your kids’ day. This juice contains only three main ingredients, yet makes a very powerful drink. To make this red delight, you’ll need two apples, one beetroot, and two carrots. Juice it all together and serve it up. Most kids don’t touch beets and carrots. This juice is a great way to get them to drink both.

#3-The Morning Supplement Juice

This juice is great for super-busy parents. Not only does it have pears, which is the least allergenic, but it also contains other ingredients that deliver the right quantity of fiber and Vitamin C. This juice is great for infants and the smaller kids. To make this juicy supplement, you’ll need one pear, a handful of kale, one apple, and about two stalks of celery.

#4-The Vibrant Orange Juice

This is one healthy juice that your kids will definitely love. Its bright orange color is sure to attract their attention right in the beginning. As the sweet flavor swirls in their mouth, don’t be surprised if they ask you for a second helping. Three main ingredients are all it takes to make this great orange combo. You’ll need an orange, three carrots and one apple. To ensure natural sweetness in the juice, you can try buying Fuji apples or a similar variety.

#5-The Popeye Juice

All kids are a huge fan of Popeye and his rival Bluto who are constantly fighting over the lissome Olive Oyl. The color of this juice is an instant reminder of the spinach that Popeye eats to build his strength in fighting Bluto. Ironically, this juice doesn’t contain any spinach, but you can tell your kids that it will build their muscles and make them strong just like Popeye. To make this healthy drink, you’ll need two stalks of celery, one handful of kale and two apples. Juice it all together and serve it to your kids.

#6-The Autumn Sunrise Juice

This juice is a great combination of fruits and vegetables. Along with it being extremely healthy, it has a beautiful orange hue that makes it quite attractive to drink. No kid will be able to say no to it. With a great balance of a tarty and sweet flavor, it makes an awesome health drink as well. To make this healthy fruit and veggie combo, you’ll need one apple, one orange, two carrots, two celery stalks, and about half a lemon. Juice it all together for one nutritious juice.

#7-The Green Lemonade

How can lemonade be green? This juicy wonder is called the green lemonade because of its ingredients and not the color. Very simple to make, you’ll need two Macintosh apples, one lemon and half head of romaine lettuce. This tangy juice is packed with the essential nutrients that any kid requires. Moreover, the tangy flavor is certainly a winner.

#8-The Tropical Twist

The twist is in its ingredients. Hidden in this delicious and sweet juice are veggies that your kids may never eat otherwise. To make this juice, you’ll need two carrots, two spears of pineapple, and a dash of lemon juice. Ensure that the pineapples are fresh. The carrots give this juice a subtle orange hue and the pineapple gives it an appetizing taste. Give it to your kids at anytime of the day, and see their delight as they gulp it down.

By including a juicing program into their diet, you’ll ensure that they eat healthy without any fuss. However, since they are children there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Babies need to be on mother’s milk, and hence, giving them juice is not really recommended.

If you’re not too sure, what is the right age to start giving your kids juice; it’s better to consult their doctor first. Most parents start giving their kids juice between one and two years. Most practitioners recommend that giving about 145ml per day to children aged between two and 12 is sufficient. Another good practice, but not a compulsion is by diluting it with water equally.

Juices are a good option for teenagers as well. Since their body is still growing, giving them juices is definitely a great way to ensure they have their daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies.

You can give strong juices like beets, parsley, kale, watercress, and spinach, but, ensure that they are in small doses.
To keep your kids interested in juices, try and give them different varieties each week. Kids tend to get bored with the same taste. Giving them different flavored juices will keep them interested in drinking juices.

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