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Internet of Things

4 cool examples of the ‘Internet of things’

[dropcap] Y [/dropcap] Years ago, “smart houses” and advanced artificial intelligence existed only in science fiction movies, but today these technologies are increasingly becoming a reality for many companies and individuals.

1- Smart door locks

One of the most popular smart home technologies is the connected, key lock, allowing you to lock your home wherever you are using a smartphone application. Offers users an enhanced level of access control by giving them the ability to unlock their home from their office to allow friends or family to enter or simply to ensure they don’t forget to lock the house when they leave.

2- Smart heating

Smart heating systems are a great way to ensure that your home heating bills don’t go through the roof. By monitoring your usage and alerting users when they could potentially use less heat, they can also be used as smoke detectors and security cameras, adding an extra layer of built-in security.

3- Smart Gardening

Although many Internet devices are located inside the house, the garden has not been forgotten in this era of ever-increasing connectivity. Smart gardening is becoming a flourishing field of the smart home with automated and remote-controlled sprinkler systems, robotic lawn mowers, and various other IoT applications focused on gardens that are currently available and likely to be available in the future. IoT sensors can be used to automate the increase or decrease of water supply or even collect data on weather patterns to determine the most appropriate course of action. These systems can also be remotely controlled and customized by users to meet their needs.

4- Personal Assistants

Intelligent assistants have been around for a few years. Since then, they have become more and more common in our company, with Echo from Amazon, which has the latest version of the popular Alexa personal assistant. As automation technologies become more and more advanced and commonplace, we may soon see smart homes that could potentially be operated almost entirely by voice activation or controlled using a personal assistant such as Alexa.