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17 Must-See Vacation Spots That Need to Add to Your Bucket List

If there’s one thing we all dream of, it’s seeing as much of the world as we can in our lifetimes. From pristine beaches to mountains that take your breath away, there are so many beautiful places in the world that it can be difficult to choose where to go next. Planning an upcoming vacation? Add one of these stunning destinations to your itinerary.

1. The Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, this collection of small islands is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. There are thousands of resorts in the Maldives, and nearly every room has a view of the beach. The islands are also home to a large coral reef; scuba diving is one of the most popular activities there.

2. Barcelona

This colorful Spanish city has its own unique flair that is a combination of historical architecture and quirky modern design. The city is also known for its amazing food and wine, specifically tapas, which are traditional Spanish small dishes. Barcelona also boasts amazing weather and a wide array of beaches.
3. Santorini
This stunning Greek island has a rich history, dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. The pace of life in Santorini is slow and laid-back, and you’ll enjoy spending all afternoon sunning on the beach or wandering through the maze-like streets of the island’s two largest towns, Fira, and Oia. The island is also known for its delectable local wine – the perfect accompaniment to a dinner overlooking the ocean.
4. Paris
The City of Light is frequently cited as one of the world’s most romantic places, and as soon as you land at Charles De Gaulle, you’ll understand why. Whether you’re touring landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Arc de Triomphe, or just exploring the unparalleled selection of shops and restaurants, you’ll fall in love with the city’s elegance and charm. Paris is the perfect destination for a weekend away with your sweetheart.
5. Bangkok
You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world when you arrive in Bangkok. The city is full of traditional Thai palaces and gardens, and many streets are connected by canals. In between exploring the city’s magical landmarks, stop for a taste of its unparalleled street food.
6. San Francisco
This stunning American city is unlike any other in the world. Whether you are planning a family vacation, romantic getaway, or solo adventure, there’s something for everyone here. During the day, you can enjoy riding a cable car through the city’s hilly streets, touring Alcatraz, and wandering through Golden Gate Park. At night, you can explore the city’s endless options for eating, drinking, and dancing.
7. Zurich
You’ll find a little bit of everything in this Swiss city, from educational museums to historic buildings and landmarks to some of the world’s best chocolate. The Alps are also just a stone’s throw away, so ski and snowboard enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven. In the summertime, you can also enjoy swimming or boating on nearby Lake Zurich.
8. Marrakech
This Moroccan city has a mystical and enchanting air about it, with winding streets full of traditional marketplaces and food vendors selling their products. There are also countless old palaces, mosques, and gardens to explore, dating back hundreds or even thousands of years. As one of Morocco’s former imperial cities, Marrakech attracts tourists from around the world.
9. Dubai
As one of the largest and most exciting cities in the Middle East, Dubai offers some of the world’s most notable tourist attractions. It is home to the world’s tallest man-made structure, the world’s largest shopping center, and one of the world’s most notable luxury hotels, the Burj Al Arab. As the economic center of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is home to over seventy malls.
10. Amsterdam
This Dutch city combines a rich history with a friendly, laid-back vibe that will draw you in. You can spend all day wandering through the city’s cobblestone streets, or you can choose to bike or even take a ride through the canals on a gondola. Be sure to explore Amsterdam’s flower gardens, which will take your breath away.
11. Cape Town
Located on the southern end of Africa, Cape Town is one of the most diverse cities in the world, drawing immigrants and tourists from every continent. Whether you enjoy sunning out on the beach or hiking in the mountains, you’ll want to spend time outside taking advantage of the stunning surroundings. You can also enjoy shopping and dining on the Victoria & Alfred waterfront, or even make friends with some penguins at Boulder’s Beach.
12. London
London is one of the world’s economic and cultural centers, and it will keep you entertained for days. From historical attractions like Buckingham Palace to cultural ones like the Royal Opera House, to fun music, food, and shopping, you’ll fall in love with London’s unique vibe. You may have to make a return trip – there’s just that much to see there.
13. Hong Kong
This bustling Asian city blends Eastern and Western culture in a way that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. There’s something to do or see on every corner here, from lively street vendors to luxury boutiques and restaurants. The city is also incredibly easy and cheap to explore via its extensive subway system.
14. Maui
If you love beautiful beaches, you’ll need to add a trip to Maui to your bucket list. While on the island, you’ll not only be able to relax by the water, but you can also enjoy hiking and whale watching. Stroll through Lahaina Town to explore some unique shopping in a historic district.
15. Cozumel
This stunning Mexican island is still mostly undeveloped and is located in the Caribbean Sea, just off the Yucatan Peninsula. For those who love to explore the ocean, Cozumel is a great place to snorkel, and scuba dive, as well as just to hang out on the beach. Cozumel is also a popular port of call for cruise ships.
16. New York City
There’s really no place in the world like New York. You can spend your morning enjoying a coffee in Central Park, the afternoon perusing the city’s many museums, and the evening taking in a Broadway show. Although the city is the largest in the United States, it is fairly accessible, with a comprehensive public transit system, as well as cabs on every street corner.
17. Vancouver/Whistler
For those who love to ski, there’s no better place than Canada’s Whistler. The exciting terrain is covered in snow for most of the year, even when other resorts have closed their doors. Vancouver is also a culturally exciting city that has experienced a boom over the past decade.